1. What is SAVE THE DATE
Is sort of a short film or teaser than run in aproximate time of 1-2 minutes this serve as a cinematic video invitation of the upcoming event that can be post for online viewing through social networking sites.


2. What is an AVP?
AVP stands for Audio Visual Presentation —– it’s a conceptualize video of engagement proposal,photo montage or interviews, the story board can be based by the clients idea or within the Rewind Media’s creative aspect.


3. What is SDE (Same Day Edit)
At first, Same day edit is usually known as the onsite video presentation, a short film of a music video style taken from the footages during the preparation up to ceremony down to the reception. Secondly, this is played for guest viewing at the reception and is surely the most awaited part of the program. This is highly recommended.


4. Why is it advisable to avail package?
Our packages is designed for clients to avail discounts rather than customizing their choice of video. If you avail the variety of your chosen video that will cost you more.

5. CRANE, SLIDER & GLIDECAM (Third Angle Camera)
These are the innovative tools used in video coverage to execute more dramatic shots.


6. Do you offer Photography Service as well?
Our official Partner is Icebox Imaging. They offer the same affordable price as we do and deliver the same top-notch quality you expect from your videos. Like you, we only want to trust the best. We extend exclusive perks when booking Icebox Imaging and Rewind Media on your event.


7. Do you accept PENCIL BOOKINGS?

No tentative booking schedule shall be accepted. It requires a contract signing before accepting any booking to minimize the occurrence of further conflict schedules.


8. What time do you usually arrive on a wedding day?
5 hours before the event.


9. What Camera do you use?


10. How long before we can get our videos?
We can give you a short wedding highlights weeks after the wedding. But the full edited video will be delivered 2 to 6 months.


11. Do you give discounts?

We can give you freebies instead of giving discount. :)